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Jul. 26th, 2014 06:54 pm
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Is this comm still alive? ;-;

Name: Brandie

Age: 25

Location: South Florida

What's in your journal: Daily Life, fandom, memes, my creations (I write, draw, make jewelry, design graphics and websites), photos of stuff and more.

What rating is your journal: Mostly PGish, but can go into PG13 stuff at times.

Favourite ST series/movie(s): The Original series, Next Generation and Deep Space 9. As for movies, the "reboot" movies, the first movie, The Wrath of Khan and The Voyage Home!

Favourite ST character(s):DATAAA, Scotty (both old and new), Chekov (new), Kirk (old and new), Spock (old and new), Riker (so far) and I'm developing a soft spot for Odo too :D

Favourite ST pairing(s): Kirk/Spock, Riker/Troi and Kirk/Spock/Bones (more like a BroT3, not romantic lol, though Bones/Spock would be highly amusing.)

Interests/Hobbies outside of fandom: Writing, drawing, sewing, making hemp cord jewelry, long netflix marathons, web design, graphic design and interior design. I dabble in photography :D

Friending policy: Friends only, but I will happily let people in!

Where to add you: (lj, tumblr, dw, etc) Tumblr - cumberbuttdoctor, Twitter - @raincrystals, instagram - raisenbrandie annnd I have LJ too - sorrowfulskies

What you do in fandom: Fanfiction, doodles/fanart, I make icons, roleplay (occasionally) and I may venture into other works, but those for now.

Other fandoms you like: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Sailor Moon. SMT Persona series, Elder Scrolls, various anime, X-files, Leverage, Marvel Movieverse, Resident Evil, Fire Emblem and there's more in my intro post :D

Anything else you'd like to share:


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