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May. 31st, 2013 12:58 am
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Name: Pip

Age: twenty-five

Location: Philadelphia area!!

What's in your journal: mmm personal stuff? weird anecdotes and stories? doodles maybe? i kind of just moved back to dw from tumblr (or i'm trying to) so there isn't much up here yet

What rating is your journal: err... well. adultish probably but it doesnt have porn on it or anything.

Favourite ST series/movie(s): DS9!! YEAAAHH 83 though to be fair that is the only one i have watched all the way through yet. I'm also about halfway through season two of voyager and like that, have seen roughly 15 eps of TNG which i find ...fun but difficult to pay attention to, have enjoyed the new films, and am going to start watching tos in a couple weeks :3

Favourite ST character(s): oh gosh um. I love everyone. Data??? Dax? Bashir. Ziyal. i'm fond of everybody.

Favourite ST pairing(s): i ain't picky forreal. i can be convinced of just about any ship if it is done well

Interests/Hobbies outside of fandom: i do art! I draw a comic it is here. I also like DOGS and FASHION and HISTORY and MAKING THINGS.

Friending policy: if i know who you are (like you have introduced yourself) and we have stuff in common then sure! :3

Where to add you: here, I also have a tumblr but I am trying to use it less. my skype is "hamdrax"

What you do in fandom: I am mostly a spectator, although I have written a little fic and do sometimes some fanart! is "popular text posts on tumblr" a legitimate method of contribution to fandom? i sure hope so

Other fandoms you like: MANY. mostly les mis right now but also SUPERHERO COMIX, often, i used to be a homestuck but lately I am.. less... homestuck. im also into stuff like temeraire/harry potter/shakespeare ( that is definitely a fandom shut up)

Other comms you like: I dunno yet! :(

Anything else you'd like to share: I'm really super looking for some friends in the area since I just moved to Philly actually so... if you are. on this part of the east coast and want to be pals that would be super great!
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